#UAEDressCode – Born from Clothes, UAE culture, and Twitter

We’ve all heard the whispered rumors about how social media can be used for public interest rather than professional stalking -gasp!- but 2 Dubai ladies made it happen.
They managed to use Twitter for a bigger cause than:
“I am hungry haha #hunger #boredom #food #eat #banana #pointlesshashtag”

These 2 local women, offended by what they considered revealing outfits at the mall, decided to start @UAEDressCode to raise awareness about respectful clothing within the United Arab Emirates’ culture.

Within a few weeks, the Twitter account amassed almost 3,000 followers and reached the ranks of the Federal National Council and different government sections who are currently debating a new law with clearer UAE dress code guidelines.

I, for one, am considering online suicide given that the most important thing my tweets ever accomplished is… well, nothing. Aside from maybe coming up with funny movie titles replaced with the word Jam. PS: I Love Jam? Lord of the Jam?


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