The Jumeirah Lake Towers fire in Tamweel

Almost all of Dubai, or at least its Jumeirah Lake Towers residents, must have heard about yesterday’s fire in Tamweel Building, Cluster U by now. From someone who saw it first hand, it was as bad as the pictures suggest and worse.

Not the best picture quality but I tried

Tamweel burnt for over 5 hours straight. It’s right behind the building I live in so they evacuated us too for safety reasons. We had to stay outside from 2AM when the alarm first went off until 7 AM when the fire was more contained.

From downstairs in Cluster X, we could hear the fire crackling, there were ashes floating everywhere and these huge, flaming pieces of debris were falling off the building starting their own on-ground chaos. Different facades of the building were just bursting into flames.

A security guard mentioned to one of the residents here that an electricity short circuit combined with a gas container of some sort led to an explosion causing the fire, but there has not been any official news confirmation on that yet.

The police men did a fantastic job at keeping everyone within a safe distance of the fire. What had me a little confused was the firefighters’ course of action but I’m sure they know their job much better than I do.

I haven’t been able to find any report on whether or not all residents of Tamweel are safe and sound, but someone tweeted the below:

“Info from one of the tenants in the JLT building – everyone is evacuated & safe. They are letting the building burn out. #Dubai#uae

UPDATE: Official news sources have confirmed no casualties. 

What the building looked like at 6:30AM the next morning

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