JLT Tamweel Fire Update: How You Can Help

UPDATE  – 22nd of November

@TheJLTCommunity Update

Link: http://www.dmcc.ae/jltcommunity/

There’s been confirmation on zero casualties and no serious injuries but the building is completely charred on one side and all that remains on top is a metal outline of what was there.

According to The National, the residents of Tamweel Tower were allowed 10 minutes each today to visit their homes and collect their belongings. More details in the articles:

News report have yet to confirm the cause of the fire.


As a resident of JLT myself, I urge everyone living here to please come together as a community and help our neighbors out. There have been so many acts of kindness already from The Bonnington Hotel, Sheikh & Shake, Pets in the City, the residents who set up tea and cookie stalls and more. Let’s keep the love going.

If you’re on Twitter and want to help, please reach out to @TheJLTcommunity. They are trying to direct volunteers to the right place through the right steps. So far, they are suggesting emailing community@jlt.ae as a starting point.


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