Can Instagram Be More Brand-Friendly? Please.

Wishful thinking on new features I hope Instagram will someday consider. It would be nice if the biggest platform to date focused on visual was a bit more brand friendly.

    Verified accounts would not hurt. In fact, they would make a lot of lives (or maybe just mine) a lot easier. If a brand is to rely solely on social media for account exposure, it becomes a real struggle to deal with all the fake profiles who look very, very real.
    It surprises me Instagram still does not have a Repost button. It is one of the more basic forms of interaction with a fan base. Instagram’s Help Center offers a little insight on the limitation saying reposts are not available to maintain correct ownership.I find that having a repost button that automatically adds the original owner’s username on the picture as a watermark is a good solution. Several secondary applications already function in that way, like Repost App.
    Memes and bitstrips have already demonstrated their popularity. From a brand’s perspective, they pay off in engagement and fan loyalty when done well.  It would be great if we were able to create a mini comic strips or memes through Instagram.
    There are so many possibilities to this. There could be pre-existing memes templates for users to customize, a “create your own” feature, a cartoon filter that can be applied to any image. Thought bubbles, graphics, text, custom frames can all be part of the options.In late 2013, when Instagram announced a big update was coming, I thought they were going to be launching new features closer to image creation rather than privacy settings which I have yet to use. Again, there are already applications like InstaFrame that have taken an early lead by allowing users to create image mash ups and captions.

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