New Vine Messages and What It Means for Brands


Vine has been introducing some small changes here and there since the platform launched.

We have seen subtle design and feature updates, like filtering between reposts and user content,moving segments around when creating a video and being able to save clips for later.

Vine Messages is the first change that introduces a new form of interaction. Users are now able to send 6 second videos as private messages to a selected list of contacts.

The inbox is divided between messages received from “Friends”, as in viners followed or “Others”, as in those a user is not currently following. The messages can also be sent to friends who are not on Vine.

The application has gained its popularity for its simplicity in sending a clear, uncluttered video straight to fans without the bells and whistles of post editing.

It has been set as more of a consumer platform rather than one for private messaging leaving the lines blurred around whether Vine Messages adds or detracts from the overall experience.

From a brand and/or popular viner perspective, the update brings strong opportunities to play with in terms of influencer programs and rewarding loyal fans.


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