MTV Movie Awards 2014: Grumpy Cat, Twitter Mirror and a Reporter Gone Rogue


This year’s MTV Movie Awards aired on April 13th and brought in over 2M interactions from #MTVMovieAwards alone. It also ruled Nielsen’s Twitter list at first place for the week, outshining Game of Thrones and Mad Men.

Below are some of the stronger points of the ceremony’s social media approach:

One of the more interesting social extensions was Twitter Mirror. This is a nifty new toy from Twitter first introduced at the Grammys. It is a tablet mounted on a specific design allowing users to snap a picture, scribble a message on the image and send it out straight to any linked account. This means that celebrities can stop to say hello to followers right before heading out on stage, post crazy selfies or visuals from the behind the scenes.

MTV Movie Awards introduced their first ever “Rebel Correspondent”, Tyler Posey from Teen Wold. His entire on screen activity was dictated by the audience. They were able to vote live on Twitter for what action they wanted to see him do in real time resulting in good TV and even better social engagement. The votes were sent via hash tag or polling card from within a tweet. This is a great social TV integration as it closes the loop between on screen and second screen.

The subject matter already lends itself to extensive social chatter what with the star studded guest list attending. Some of the key players that helped maintain the buzz are Host Conan O’Brien’s with his pre-event teasers and 50+ cameo opening, all the celebrities live covering and.. Grumpy Cat. THE grumpy cat from the memes. This point in particular is so simple yet so clever: an online pop icon was brought to screen near guaranteeing the interest of the 206K followers the cat has on twitter.


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