The viral Coca Cola Video that sparked a debate – Hello Happiness

Dubai woke up a little late to Coca Cola’s Hello Happiness video, but when it did finally rise and shine the clip went viral while the feedback split into two strong camps.

Genuine CSR or sleazy marketing to further Coke’s brand image?

The video, created by Y&R Dubai, shows how Coke helped laborers get in touch with their families by using cola caps as currency for 3 minute international calls back home.

The company reports that over 134K minutes were logged through the branded machines they set up and that the conversation on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter is 95% positive. The debate is still ongoing about whether or not the Hello Happiness is more marketing exploitation than doing good.

This is not the first time a Coca Cola initiative causes heated discussions. Only a week ago, the Coke Drones activation in Singapore received the same feedback, though the video did not go viral.

The idea behind the Singapore video was for airborne drones to deliver Coke boxes to the laborers with Thank You messages from the population. The video came in the mist of growing tensions from the labor workers who feel disconnected from the rest of the city as they are, literally, almost unseen because of the way scaffolds and the construction sites are set up.


2 thoughts on “The viral Coca Cola Video that sparked a debate – Hello Happiness

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