Lays Arabia & Chipsy: The First Regional Social Campaign. Ever.

With the World Cup drawing near, brands from all over the world are pulling out their big guns. For the time being the biggest players in the Middle East are Lays Arabia and Chipsy, its local representative in Egypt, with their Flavors Cup campaign.

The two teamed up to set the first truly regional social campaign in the Middle East. It is also the first campaign of the region to utilize social influencers as key players.

The mechanism of the “Flavors Cup” activation falls under the social voting category. Consumers are Lays Arabia & Chipsy - Flavor Cupempowered to vote via social media for the new global flavor they would like to see produced out of 5 suggested ones.

But the real twist was in the voting promotion.

For each of the 5 flavors,  one popular social figure was chosen to represent the taste and amplify the campaign message, among which well known Viners Mohannad AlHattab and Sherif Fayyed.

This marks a big stepping stone for digital marketing in the Middle East where using popular social media names for brand endorsements is rarely, if ever, implemented and much less from platform Vine which is still growing in the region.

The flavor ambassadors make for a strong lineup of social media influencers:

  • Japan: Mohannad Al Hattab, Syrian, known on social media for his vines
  • Spain: Mokhtar Chahine, Saudi, internationally published photographer and known on Instagram
  • South Africa: Sally Abdelsalam, Egyptian, radio host, most influential on Twitter
  • Brazil: Raha Moharrak, Saudi, gained a following when she became the first Saudi woman to climb Everest in 2013
  • Mexico- Sherif Fayyed, Egyptian, mostly known for his vines

Every ambassador was sent to the country they were representing. They were given challenges to complete while there to support the taste,  like “create a traditional meal for the locals”.

The social content generated from these activities was in turn used to engage with followers and encourage social voting. It is worth noting that every flavor had both an Arabic and English hash tag allowing for larger reach.


While the new global flavor is set to be released on June 11th, the way the social votes are counted remains slightly obscure.

The website states the vote count is taken from hash tag mentions and engagement with campaign related content (likes, comments, shares), but the specific platforms tracked for engagement are not mentioned.

In the launching phase of the campaign, Chipsy had also made good use of its existing celebrity endorsement.

Egyptian actor and comedian Ahmed Helmy starred in a series of adverts to raise early awareness about the activation. There was one spot dedicated to explaining the campaign, and 5 others dedicated to presenting the flavors.

In addition to on screen, these spots were also placed on YouTube as preview advertisements.

To see the official campaign website and its aggregation of all related social content, visit

UPDATE: winning flavor was Brazilian BBQ, represented by Raha Moharrak


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