#MyDubai, Now A New Icon For The City

In celebration of #MyDubai’s first birthday, the city’s storytellers will be able to see their posts displayed near Burj Khalifa. Photo Credit: Instagram @MyDubai

In celebration of #MyDubai’s first birthday on January 5th 2015, the city’s storytellers will be able to see their images and videos displayed on a 19.5m x 19.5m LED screen set near Burj Khalifa for the duration of the month.

The content will be pulled from the official Instagram account @MyDubai, referred to as the initiative’s e-museum, which has been actively sharing posts from the community throughout the year.

Launched a year ago by HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed, #MyDubai had for aim to create the world’s first autobiography of a city though social media in 365 days. The concept was simple: write the story. Residents and visitors were invited to share their experience of the multicultural emirates to color in a social media mosaic of the city.

Today, the hash tag stands at over 2.5 million images and videos on Instagram alone. As it crosses the one year mark, #MyDubai promises to feature alongside the city’s most iconic sites. Starting this February and for the remainder of the year, the screen will turn into a near real-time feed of Dubai moments, as shared by its residents.

Weaving personal experiences to the collective whole, #MyDubai set the standard for experiential campaigns aiming to have a long term effect. Photo Credit: Instagram @MyDubai

Traditional platforms would have fallen short on this initiative as the authenticity of #MyDubai relies so heavily on genuine, first-person narration.

Weaving personal experiences to the collective whole, the hash tag managed to melt in with user generated content and secured itself a place in day-to-day social vocabulary. Beyond contributions to the initiative itself, it changed Dubai’s social media landscape and became the natural go-to for anyone looking to add a post about the city.

#MyDubai took off as soon as it was announced, hitting 25 thousand social media posts in under a day and passing 1 million on Instagram alone at the midyear mark.

The Instagram-centric campaign was heavily supported throughout the year. The Burj Al Arab used its trademark sails to display 5 selected images on the last Thursday of every month. From June 2014, DIFC joined in with its 96 meter long screen scrolling images of #MyDubai. Elevision Media also donated 300 screens in over 75 building that featured content daily.


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