21st Century “Tazbeet”? Axe Egypt’s Got You.

Axe’s target audience is crystal clear: man, single, wants girl. The brand positioning leaves no room for doubt either: Axe gets you the ladies.

In Egypt, the concept was successfully taken one step further to support the launch of the product’s new look. The creative direction of the marketing campaign is best pegged by its hash tag تطور_التظبيط#, or in English the evolution of hooking up. In a catchy tune, Axe Egypt recounts being the best wing man since the time of MSN status updates and AOL all the way up until today’s social media generation. The song is added on Axe Middle East’s YouTube channel and is currently at 2M views.

The strongest leg of the campaign in terms of digital support is the video, which also gives viewers the chance to be featured in the song by uploading their image to newaxe.com/.

On social media, Axe Egypt adopted a broader approach. Rather than focus on just تطور_التظبيط#, the posts fall under the brand’s larger concept of #AttractionUpgraded. From dance moves to headphones to movie quotes, the launch of the new look is supported through throwbacks to the early 2000’s and how those items improved today.


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