Dubai Madame: Ezra Santos’ Fashion Show, Glamour and Temptation

"In The Beginning" marks Ezra Santos's first solo fashion show.
“In The Beginning” marks Ezra Santos’s first solo fashion show.

On April 27th 2010, Ezra Santos’ first solo fashion show “In the Beginning” aspires to show the women of Dubai the world of temptation they carry within them. Held at Madinat Jumeirah, ladies can expect a collection highlighting the feminine and alluring side of being a woman. “It’s all about Eve.” He smiles. “It’s all about the sin”.

His atelier reflects his edgy sense of style as one enters into a hallway painted in vibrant hot pink. His boudoir, with its exotic-looking plants and high ceiling, is dipped in cooler hues of deep turquoise and brown. With his little dog Pedro sitting by his side, the Dubai-based designer promises ladies an haute couture collection of evening wear and wedding dresses.

“The dresses are mostly pastel, with a touch of bold colors here and there, but every piece is handmade and crystallized by Swarovski,” Ezra said. “My inspiration came from a painting of the Garden of Eden I saw in Paris. Once they took the apple, they covered up with leafs. That, for me, is when fashion started.”

“In the Beginning” does not only refer to the show’s theme, it also carries an emotional weight for the designer. It is a personal reference to Ezra, hinting at his own beginning with the show being his first solo venture. “I’m very excited about it, but also very tense. I oversee everything from the accessories, to the shoes, to last minute dress-fittings,” he said.

His passion for fashion, and glamour in particular, began at an early age. “When I was 6 years old, I was fascinated by Cinderella. I fell in love with the princess gowns, and it just stuck with me since then.” His interest followed him to grade school, where he paid particular attention to the dresses in black and white movies. By the time Ezra had reached high school, he was already sketching for family and friends.

His circle of clientele and his fashion sense have largely grown since. After 17 years in Dubai, he feels his designs have been influenced by the oriental culture. “I’ve learned to adapt to the Arab culture while adding a twist of the European culture that I’ve seen abroad,” he said.

With his “In the beginning” dresses, Ezra wants ladies to feel the charm of their femininity. “I just hope that after the show, the women especially will feel like they want that extra glamour in their life, they would want to wear these clothes.”

Click for some early sneak peeks of Ezra Santos’ very own “In The Beginning” designs :

NB: The article was written for the “Arts and Culture” section of the online French publication “Dubai Madame”. However, due to site renovation of the magazine, the article is no longer available in its published form.


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