Google Maps April Fool 2015: The PacMan Locations. You’re Welcome.

Google Maps is quickly setting itself up as the master of April Fool gigs. Last year’s stunt featured a Pokemon hunt with little monsters scattered across all iconic landmarks of the world. More details about Google’s 2014 Pokehunt here.

This year, it’s PacMan – the redefined version in real life locations. The game follows the standard arcade rules, plus a few more dimensions. PacMan can now go diagonal, across little alleys and through passageways that get him across the screen faster.

If you are at a computer, you can turn just about any location into a game by clicking on the PacMac icon at the bottom. From a mobile phone, there are selected places where you can play. To open a level, you have to find the hidden PacMan on Google Maps and click on him. There is a much needed clues section that can be accessed from the left-hand menu of the app, under “Insert a Coin”, but the majority of the hints are vague and many will most likely end in a Google Search to crack the location.

My competitive streak kicked in again this year and I made it my mission to find all locations. And yes, researching does count as finding. Some locations are trickier to play than others, but you can decide for yourself which you like best. For your entertainment:


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